Friday, April 24, 2015

Softball season has started!

Last Friday night (April 17) was Opening Ceremonies for the Fastpitch League. Thankfully, the rain held off and the ceremonies were able to take place! Adalyn was so excited to be in her uniform for the first time and to see all the other teams. Every girl was individually called and all teams stood on the field for recognition. After the ceremonies, our coach treated the girls and their families to pizza at Rafaels! We had such a fun time eating and watching all the girls and siblings play with one another. After pizza, we walked down for some Frozen Yogurt which was delicious! After our snack, we went home and put the kids to bed. Adalyn's 1st game was the next morning at 9:00!

Friday night at Opening Ceremonies

Our ball player

I have to admit, I love seeing #2 on the back of her shirt! 
Brings back tons of memories for me!!

Adalyn and Brylyn are such sweet little friends! Brylyn's mom and I played softball together for years and years so maybe these two girls will do the same thing!

Saturday morning was their very first game. Everyone did great! In the 6U divison, each team ( I believe) has 7 girls ranging from 4-6 years old. They allow each player to bat through the line up before they go back into the field, which I love! The coach pitches 3 times, and if they don't hit, they will put the tee out for them so each girl is guaranteed a hit. 
I must admit though, as precious as it is watching these sweet girls figure out this game of softball, it is also a little stressful for the adults- HA! 
When I say the coaches had to start at the very beginning with them, that means telling them where 1st, 2nd, 3rd and home plate were located, explaining to drop the bat when you hit the ball and run to first (Adalyn carried it with her on her first practice LOL), what the term "choke up" means, and "put your glove on the ground" (to catch a grounder) doesn't mean you catch the grounder, throw off your glove and then throw the ball. I'm laughing just thinking about this because that was exactly what Adalyn did at one of their practices. But if you think about it, she did exactly as she was told- hahaha!

This will be such a fun first season for all of us! I am loving this new adventure we are on, even if that means we eat supper on practice nights at 7:30...

Pictures from her first game against Piggy Back Financial
It was SO cool seeing her on this field. 
I spent 4 years playing on that field and it means so much to me!

Good form baby girl!

1st time at bat

Adalyn is on short stop

Down and ready!

I snapped this one because Adalyn was playing catcher. I was the catcher up until 9th grade when they moved me to Short Stop (then 3rd the rest of my high school days) 
If Adalyn continues to love the sport and wants to play, I wonder what position she will be once in high school?! 
It's so fun to think about. 
Adalyn knows my love for this game runs deep and I do not want her to play just because I love it so much. I truly want her to have fun and enjoy the sport! (Deep down, I am praying she LOVES it though-ha!!)

Score is not kept on the scoreboard so the girls have no clue if they won or lost which again, I think is great. Soon enough they will understand it's a competition but for now, they only want to have fun

A surprise for Adalyn was seeing Chloe in the stands watching her play. These two are best friends and Adalyn was beyond thrilled when she learned she was going to Chloe's for a sleep over! After her game, she went to Chloe's house and they played and played and then I met up with them and we all went to the movie theater to watch Cinderella and ate supper at Chick-fil-a afterwards. I'll post about that soon but wanted to share this picture of these two girls.
Love them!

Their 2nd game was this Monday and we learned all games will be played on Mondays and/or Thursdays. 

Welcome softball season!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Preschool egg hunt

The Thursday before Easter, Adalyn and Landon's preschool had an egg hunt for all the kids! Adam and I were able to attend and watch them hunt eggs and eat with them. The rain held off so the hunt could be outside in the playground area. Last year it had to be in the gym due to rain so I'm glad it held off!

They had so much fun!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Kindergarten Registration

Last week we registered Adalyn for Kindergarten!


So incredibly hard to believe. Though it's hard to swallow, it didn't take me by surprise. We have been talking about Kindergarten for months now. Her eyes light up when we start talking about school and what her day to day will look like. Adam and I have answered all the questions she has with enthusiasm and it just makes her that much more excited. Lately, on a daily basis she will say, "Who's excited that I'm going to Kindergarten?!" but better yet, she will also throw in, "Momma, Daddy, will you cry when I go?"
That is a hard one to answer because more than likely, I will shed a few tears. 
Happy tears of course, but tears nonetheless. 

I can't help but to think back to the day she was born. These 5 years have gone by so quickly! From changing her diaper to now quizzing her daily on her numbers, letter sounds, address and phone number. 
Adalyn is eager, adventurous, brave, confident, kind and sensitive to others. At times can be a little bashful but she is the perfect mix of everything that is good.  

I'm going to try to remind myself not to rush these days and months ahead. I will savor each day, savor each kiss she delivers, each hug she gives, color with her, play kitchen with her, and jump on the trampoline with her. Because in a blink of an eye, she will be an elementary school student.
No matter how fast these days go, no matter how tired I am, I will hold them in my heart forever and ever. 

I am so excited for this new journey! 
It will be a big adjustment in our day to day life, but one we are all excited to bring on.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

Our Easter weekend started Thursday afternoon since Adam and I didn't have to work on Good Friday! Friday morning I already knew Adalyn and I would be making a trip to Murfreesboro in search of an Easter dress for her. That is so not like me so deep down I was stressing! I ordered her original Easter dress back in February as a "pre-order" knowing it would ship March 31. I figured that would give plenty of time to get it in. Well, I received an e-mail last week saying the dress is 1 week behind on production. Ah! So, we made it a girls day (the boys went to the farm) and we went in and out of stores on a mad hunt for a dress. Thankfully, we found one that I liked (I hate being so picky!) and made our back home for lunch and naps! Adalyn had ball practice that afternoon then we came home and ate dinner, watched a few minutes of tv while the kids ate their snacks, then went to bed. Saturday morning Adam went to help my dad move a few things and the kids and I held down the fort. Chloe and Judson came over for a little bit and played and checked out our chickens then I continued cleaning and getting ready for our big Easter get together with my family! It was so nice having Christopher, Brandy and Hunter in town. We always have celebrated Easter on Easter Sunday but by doing it on Saturday helped Christopher and Brandy out so they wouldn't have to be in such a rush to visit with two families! Adalyn and Landon were so excited to see Hunter as well as Casey and Autumn. We ate lunch around 1:30 or so and played outside the rest of the day! It was a beautiful sunny day but the wind was a little cool. 

This was the first Holiday we had ever hosted at our house (we are normally always at my Grandparents house but it's under major construction) and I enjoyed having everyone under our roof! We had a fun filled day and two tired kids that night! And lets face it, two tired parents, too. 

Ready for it?
Picture overload!

Time for the egg hunt!

Trying to take a picture of these 3 after the egg hunt didn't go over too well 

Here's an outtake for ya!
Shew, we gave up. 
Maybe next year!

Landon loves his Iron man cape and mask. 

We threw the ball with Adalyn and Adam pitched to her. This is what our afternoon of playtime looks like now and I love it!!

Once everyone left, we gave the kids a bath, they put on their new pajamas (princess gown and Captain America- they were SO excited about them) and we watched a little bit of TV before bed. It was such a fun day of eating and being outside with family! Thankful for the sunshine!!

Easter morning came and the kids were excited to see what the Easter bunny brought. I had to wake Adalyn up. She is normally pretty slow about getting out of the bed but on this morning she jumped right up.

Landon received the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
Y'all, this boy is crazy about the book. Like, takes it everywhere, sits in living room and examines each and every page so slowly and intently and constantly says, "Momma! Look! It's the jello!" and he will throw in the turkey, donuts with sprinkles, and the "tomato tornado" as well. It's precious. About a week or so ago, Disney had the actual movie on TV and he was glued. He kept asking for it so I was happy to have found it in the $5.00 bin at Wal-Mart.

I love Little Golden Books! I still have some from when I was little and my hope is that these will stay with Adalyn until she's a mom one day and can pass them on to her babies. All of these books are exactly what she is into at this time in her life. We have been reading them like crazy since Sunday!

After church, we came home, at lunch and we all took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Our house on Sunday afternoons is always so quiet and I love it! A good nap will do the body some good!

After naps, we got ready and headed over to my mom and dads for pizza. Since our big Easter meal was the day before, it was nice to have pizza that night! We played outside and hung out with Christopher, Brandy and Hunter. We left late and the kids were already bathed and in their pajamas for the ride home.

 It was such a nice day and I need to add our Church service was outstanding as usual. The music, the sermon, everything. It took my breath away. Jesus loving me (and you) SO much that He gave his life so that we could be saved. 
He is Risen!!!!


Love these comparison pictures!

Easter 2011-
(pregnant with Landon)

Landon's 1st Easter- 2012

Easter 2013

Easter 2014

Easter 2015

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