Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Picture Update

Here is what has been going on with us through the camera lense of my iPhone-
I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!

Adam snapped this picture of me showing Adalyn how to snap green beans one afternoon while he was mowing.

I took this of Landon just for my own memory because I never want to forget how he "sits" to read a book. See his feet? They cross like that every.single.time. and I love it.

The next two happend a week or two ago. Adam got my attention and told me what he was about to do so I had my phone ready to capture it. 
It couldn't have turned out any more perfect!
Adalyn likes to dress herself. 
She is wearing a flower skirt and two tank tops. I asked her why she put two tops on and she said, "Because momma. You wear two tank tops and it's kind of like my bra".
Oh boy.

Landon wanted to get in on the water action, too!

The kids love when we let them play in the water hose. We give them buckets and sponges and they go to town!

This girl was ready to go swimming.

These two make my day!
But they can also drive me nuts from time to time. 

I mentioned this in my 4th of July post, but Landon "jumped" off the top of the boat all day long a few weekends ago. 
He has no fear!

Saturday it was just me and the kids. First thing we went on a bike ride. Well, I walked and they rode, but I was hoping to beat the heat since it was only 8:30.
It was sooo hot last Saturday! 
About a month ago Landon finally figured out how to pedal his little tricycle! He would always just "scoot" with his feet and was not interested at all when I would try to place his feet on the pedals like they were suppose to be. And then one day, it clicked! He has become a pro. So much so, he can ride Adalyn's big bike all by himself up and down our driveway. He can even turn by himself.
So guess what he is getting for his birthday??
In the past, our walks throughout our neighborhood either consist of Adalyn riding her bike or gator, both kids in the gator, Landon in the wagon, or both kids walking. 
It never failed that at least one kid would not want to finish what they started doing. Which led to whining to do what the other kid had. haha. But now that Landon has peddling down, we are loving it!!! We took a walk a few nights ago and both kids were on their bikes and Adam and I said how nice it was to be able to watch them ride while we walked. It was crazy to realize that Landon no longer needed us during our walks anymore and that he could do it all on his own! We also decided that we would probably purchase bikes for Adam and I next year so we can all ride together. 
My kiddos are growing up and I love it!!

I also let the kids paint on Saturday. Adalyn does this regularly but Landon has never taken an interest in it until this day. Even though painting is messy, I like to keep it a "clean messy". hahaha. 
He did pretty well! 
Adalyn didn't like it when he mixed the colors though.
He will either learn or she will get over it. 

I thought this was a great picture of these 3! Everyone was actually smiling and looking at the camera!

Adalyn and Landon helped us sell our beef at the farmers market!
Having cute kids will always increase your sells :)

I love to watch these two play outside together!
(when they aren't fighting that is. hahaha)

No nap on a Saturday after working on the farm all day means you will crash on the ride home.

Super Landon flying off the couch into Adalyn's arms.
He did this for at least 30 minutes and they laughed about it the entire time!

That's it for now! I started this post last week and I'm just now finding a few minutes to finish it.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July weekend!

My holiday weekend started Wednesday afternoon as soon as I got off work. Once home, we loaded up and headed to my mom and dad's to swim and clean the boat. We ordered pizza and my mom cut Landon's hair on the back deck. We made him take a short break from swimming and he sat in my lap and watched TV while she cut away. This is the very first time since he was 18 months old that he did not scream bloody murder while she was cutting his hair. We bribed him with a ring pop and I think the fact that he was outside made him feel more comfortable. After we swam for a while, the pizza arrived and we were all starving! The kids sat on their lounge chairs and watched TV while they ate pizza. I love my parents back yard- it's so relaxing! After a few hours of swimming, we gave the kids a bath, put their pajama's on (or as Landon says, "pujammies") and headed home. 

Thursday morning Lynn came over and Adam and I headed over to school to do some major yard work! 4 hours later, we called it a day and had a lunch date at El Mo's and went over to Home Depot to look at paint for our dining room. We got home at 2:00, the kids were still napping so we hopped into our bed and took a long nap ourselves! I absolutely love being able to squeeze in a nap whenever I can! 

Friday morning we woke up and loaded up the truck to head to the lake! The kids were so excited about our weekend they couldn't wait to get on the boat. Once we got everything (and everyone) loaded, we were off to enjoy our day on the water! Dustin, Christina, Levi and Shelby were with us on the 4th. I am so thankful for such wonderful friends! The kids had a blast like they always do when they get together. 

Y'all. That hair. 

We joked that Adalyn and Levi could be married one day. Then laughed because we knew Adalyn would be super tall standing next to him. ha!

Getting ready to climb the ladder to the top

He's a cutie.

And so is he ;)

The weather the morning of the 4th was out of the ordinary! It was a "Fall like" morning and was very refreshing! It warmed up later on in the day but getting out of the water and back in the boat was at times painful because of the wind- ha!

First up on the tube- these guys!
Adalyn and Levi loved every second of it!

Landon joined in on the ride next!

Then Levi hopped off and these 3 rode for a bit.

My good ol' Daddy

Landon cuddled up with Adam while Adalyn and I rode the tube.

We did a lot of swimming and jumping off the boat all day long. We ate lunch, had snacks, and enjoyed our time out on the water!

We pulled in to dock around 3:30 and Dustin and Christina left and started sitting things out on tables to get ready to grill. Nancy arrived and we got back on the boat (Landon was still sleeping during all of this-he napped for 2 hours!) and took her for a ride around the lake. We then came back and started grilling hamburgers and hotdogs and we had potato salad, chips, and all the fixings to go with the meal. We were all so hungry! Everything was delicious!! We had great desserts to go with it, too. I love Holidays! Holidays mean you have lots of yummy food to eat.

That night, we headed over to Tim's Ford to watch the fireworks. 
Oh, I can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier. While on the boat, Adalyn stepped on a (dead) bumble bee. We hear her screaming and realized what had happened. Around where it had stung her, it started to turn puffy and white, then traveled almost to the top of her foot. Her foot also started swelling and she was having to walk on her heel. Her poor little foot was so swollen and tight it was even hard for her to wear flip flops. A few minutes after the stinging, she was back to herself again and swimming and jumping off the boat. I think this happened before lunch time and her foot stayed swollen the entire day. Once we got into Winchester, we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy some Benadryl to help with the swelling, then we met my parents at a nearby park to watch the fireworks. 

We brought out the sparklers for them to play with while we waited. She took her Benadryl then started playing.

 My 4th of July babies!

Adam and I have spent 13 "4th of July's" together!

The kids loved the sparklers!

 I love how this turned out. So so neat!

5 minutes after I took this picture, Adalyn fell asleep. She only watched maybe the first 10 minutes of the firework show and slept the rest of the time. The fireworks lasted a little over 30 minutes

Adalyn stayed at Wingo Inn with my parents and we brought Landon back home with us. He fell asleep within 5 minutes of us driving home. 
We woke up Saturday morning and Adam trimmed some of our bushes in the back yard while I did some cleaning inside. We then packed up and made it out to the lake at 11:00.

1st jump of the day!

Landon had been begging to jump off the top and we kept telling him no until Adam got the idea to hang him down over the side and then kind of toss him out into the water. I wasn't sure how he would do with him being so small (compared to Adalyn) and maybe hitting the water wrong or something. 

He came up with the biggest smile on his face every single time. 
He would say, " I want to do that again!"
So he did.
Adam dropped him off the side of the boat all day long on Saturday.
I love my water babies!

After all day long of being on the boat, tubing, swimming, and jumping, we came in around 5:00 to get ready to grill hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken.  Landon napped for about 2 hours on this day as well! 
While we were getting the tables clean and getting things set up, Landon wandered around and played with sticks because they are his "guns".

After we ate, Landon had a blue cupcake (can't you tell?) and my dad cut open our huge watermelon. Nothing like a juicy watermelon!

Our view while we ate. 
Not bad, huh?

The kids ran off to play while we cleaned up. We told Landon he had to hold Adalyn's hand if he wanted to go with her, too.
Love it.

 Adam and I got some sweet kisses from our kiddos!

We can't forget Singer!

We let the kids swim at the beach and play in the sand and swing before we ended up leaving for the night. Adalyn stayed another night with my parents at Wingo Inn (hotel on the base) and so we had Landon all to ourselves at home again that evening. I like being able to spend one on one with each of them!

We had a wonderful weekend on the lake with good food, fireworks, friends, and family. 
The weather was perfect, too. 

Happy Birthday, America!

** A look back at previous 4th of July holiday's **

2010- Adalyn's 1st 4th of July!
Read about it HERE!

2011- I have no earthly idea why I cannot find a post about the 4th of July holiday in 2011. I were in Panama City and spent the week of the 4th there and watched fireworks on the beach. I was 30 weeks pregnant and Adalyn was 19 months old.
But, here is a picture from our trip that year!

2012- Again, no idea why I can't find it on my blog! It's not like me to not post about a holiday, but it looks like I didn't?! 
We were at the lake the whole time! 
So weird !

2013- Read about it HERE!
It was cold and it rained all day long. It was nasty!
But we went swimming anyway even though our lake plans were washed out!

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