Monday, March 20, 2017

Pigeon Forge 2017

Each year over President's Day weekend my family gets together in Pigeon Forge for a nice long weekend of relaxing, eating good food, shopping and having fun! The weather was SO unbelievably nice during our stay which was so refreshing! We normally freeze as we venture out during the day/night but it was so so warm we went without coats for the most part. We had such a FUN time!! It's weird that we are out of the toddler stage and it really hits you as you travel for vacation. No diaper bags, no strollers, no pacifiers, no wipes, just Adam and I and the kids. It feels like we are at the beginning of a new chapter of being able to get out and about and experience new things with a whole new level of easy. 7 and 5 is so much fun!

We had a big, yummy shrimp boil!

These next few are random off my cell phone.

This is how our 5 year old went antiquing hahaha We get to shop and he's content playing a game. I consider that a win.

This is what antiquing will do to you after a while!

My days are getting mixed up but I'm pretty sure this was on Sunday. Autumn came with us shopping at the outlet and after a couple of hours there, we stopped at Burger King to eat a late lunch. Adalyn had had a tooth dangling for a couple of days that really needed to be pulled. After we were finished eating, Autumn suggested she stick her tooth down into her straw and she would move the cup really fast and see if it would fall out that way. Well, after about 2 tries, the tooth flew out and we heard it land on the table. We were all laughing so hard!

After shopping at the outlets and eating lunch, we went over to The Island and walked around. I know I already mentioned how nice the weather was but oh my goodness! Warm weather like we experienced in the middle of February in the Smoky Mountains is pretty much unheard of. It was glorious!

Landon LOVES going in this superhero store. We make sure to pop in every year we go.

And this is what this one did while we looked at superheroes.

What we decided to do next was so unbelievably fun (and a little nerve wracking!)- we can't wait to do it again!

I attached the link so you can learn more about the rope course but we chose to brave the Sky Trail Explorer Course. (They have a kid option as well for little ones!)  It was so fun and challenging! Once we started going, I honestly wasn't sure if Landon would be able to do it as some of the courses were hard for us, but I want you to know he did every single thing we did! He and Adalyn had so much fun and we were on this course for over an hour! We had to store our phones and purses away before starting so once Autumn was down, she grabbed my phone and snapped some pictures and video. We kept telling Landon he was like Spider-man as we climbed and zip lined our way to the top of this thing. We decided to pay $5.00 extra to "free fall" at the end. I'm not sure I can post it here, but the video Autumn captured of Landon coming down and shooting his "web" is just precious. He took the part of being Spider-man very seriously! haha

I can't remember which day we did the Alpine Coaster but this is a must for us each year, too. Only this time, we did it twice! We all did it during the day and then came back late one night after dinner and did it again. Such a thrill! We love it!

It was another fun weekend with family in the mountains. Cannot wait for next year!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A big catch up! Part 1.

I always tell myself not to slack off on my blogging but as you can see, I haven't been doing very good with it lately. So that means I have loads of pictures I want to share just for my memory sake so here it goes. They are really random and I'll probably end up doing a part 2 of randomness, but I need to get caught up!

He loves checking on our chickens and gathering the eggs. He's a great helper on the farm!

My little Indian boy :) This was at their Thanksgiving lunch at preschool. Isn't he precious? and I love my place mat!

Sweet hugs for my girl!

We made a trip to Alabama to visit family! The weather was perfect and we had such a great time!!

Adalyn pied her daddy at Charger Fest! She loved it!

We always schedule the kids cleanings during a break so this was during Christmas break. Both kids had cleanings and x-rays and their teeth were great! We headed to Chick-fil-a afterwards for lunch to keep up with tradition.

Love this sweet boy!

Look at those toes! This girl amazes me.

Landon, Judson and Liam at Liam's birthday party!

Love these two girls

Landon loves wearing his camo shirts. He always says he looks like Hunter when he has it on 

For Adam's 31st birthday, I planned a trip to Knoxville with our besties for a fun weekend of football, good food and fun! We had the best time. 

We escaped! Our second Escape game together and we had a blast. They are so addicting! Can't wait to play again!

Sweet cousins hanging out on the farm. I love their little spirits- they are so willing to help!

He thought he was big stuff picking up limbs and throwing them on the burn pile for us. He is seriously the best helper. 

My John Deere boy!

Christina and I were shopping on Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and Adam surprised me by texting me this picture. I was SO excited! We put them up every year, and we had planned to tackle the job together, but seeing it already finished thrilled me. I then questioned what the kids were doing while he was up on the roof doing that by himself though... hahaha.

I got a little canvas happy!!! #allthehearteyes

I have declared this Sweet Tea candle my favorite scent ever. It is heavenly!!

Kids had jammies on and off we went looking at Christmas lights! I love doing this each year!

Christmas time at church with friends

Our annual girlfriends get together! Each December we get together and exchange ornaments and eat lots of good food. I love these girls!

Walking down the hallway at Adalyn's school and found her Santa Claus drawing beside her classroom. So sweet!

Pictures with Santa at the Christmas Reading Night at school! 

I LOVE my living room during Christmas time. We decorate a week before Thanksgiving and take everything down a day or so after Christmas. The lights make everything feel so cozy. The kids and Adam and I cozy up each night after dinner and baths with some sort of Christmas show or movie and a snack. (But who am I kidding, we do that every night lol)

We put up little trees on the kids nightstands and this year I added colored lights around their headboard. They thought those lights were just so cool. I loved watching them plug in their lights each afternoon.

Landon was the cutest Shepard in his preschool Christmas program. It was so adorable!

We spent an afternoon at Aunt Marsha's house and decorated Christmas cookies! The kids had a ball and I may have snuck a Hershey kiss or two when no one was looking ;)

I'm going to end with that for the day. Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later with some more random photos of the past few months. 

Happy Thursday!

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