Thursday, September 24, 2015

Landon's Superhero Birthday Party!

Landon turning 4 has totally just blown my mind. 
4 years old.
What's even crazier to think about is next year he will be FIVE.

 I know not to get ahead of myself but him getting older just makes me realize he is my last "baby" and he is growing up on me. He is looking more and more like a big boy and I can tell just by looking back at old pictures. He is getting taller, losing his baby-ness in his cheeks, and is getting smarter and smarter as the days pass us by. Every year when I start thinking about the kids birthday parties, I really try to focus on what they are currently IN to. For Landon, it was so easy to plan this one. His love for superheroes started last November and has only grown stronger throughout the year. The Avengers, Ninja Tutles, Batman, etc., you name it and he loves it. Although, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Spiderman and Thor are his absolute favorites. So, that's what I went with! We had family and close friends over to help us celebrate our superhero loving little boy turn 4. We were blessed with perfect weather and the kids had so much fun playing outside. 

The Invite
With help from a friend at work, I made his invite! I normally purchase off Etsy but now that I have an idea on how to make them, I believe I'll keep my $10 and create my own! Wahoo!
I picked his favorite superheroes and found a city background online and came up with this. I was so happy with how it turned out!

The Cake

Jennifer outdid herself again. I sent her a picture of this exact cake and she mimicked it perfectly!Again, I stuck with only his favorite superheroes and Landon was over the moon when he saw it! I knew he would be. It was so sweet to see how excited he was over his birthday cake.


When I was thinking of a color scheme for his party, I decided to stick with red, blue and yellow. There is my famous number sign I make out of cardboard and paint swatches each year. So easy and of course, free!

I wanted a "city" scene as the background of the food table so I started saving boxes as they were shipped to our house or from work and I turned them into skyscrapers. I couldn't come across black wrapping paper locally so I ordered some and used yellow sticky notes as the windows. :) So for my "city" creation, a grand total of about $4.00 was spent. I love the way it turned out!

A good view of the table minus the food

The sayings on each of the boxes I found online, printed and laminated them! Free and easy! I like the added touch it gave to the buildings. 

I also made the water bottle labels! 

Vanilla pudding with green good coloring and smashed oreos- I loved this idea!

I made the food cards as well

These pretzel sticks dipped in candy melts are so so good! 
I also had a crockpot of meatballs which were delicious. 

Every year I take pictures of the kids in front of one of our willow trees in our front yard the day of their party. I love seeing how much they have changed year after year. 

I took these a few weeks ago. We are redecorating his room into a Superhero theme and thought it would be neat to get a few canvases of him with all his favorite toys. 

Present time!

Time for Cake!

He loved everyone singing to  him 

quick wardrobe change by Adalyn haha

The kids had an absolute ball with the silly string! It was so fun!

We found a frog!

He loves every little creature known to man. 

We had such a fun time celebrating Landon turning 4!!

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