Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

What a beautiful day we had! So thankful for the awesome weather we had yesterday. All week leading up to Easter, Adam and I made sure to really explain to the kids what Easter is really all about. Well, Adalyn understood. Landon is still too young to really know what we are talking about. 
Anyway, Saturday night the kids went to bed excited because the Easter Bunny was coming. Sunday morning they were able to check out their loot!

I was very practical with what we decided to put in their baskets. Adalyn definitely does not need another doll and Landon does not need another tractor or digger. So, for Adalyn, she got an outfit that I purchased back in December and put away for Easter, panties, socks, sidewalk chalk, a Hello Kitty toothbrush, candy and a new bathing suit. Landon got two I Spy books (He LOVES those books!), a new Digger book, The Jungle Book DVD (that's for both of them really) a Bert and Ernie toothbrush, candy, a bathing suit and "gardening tools".

"Look! I got shovels!"

Love Adalyn's bed head?!

We watched The Jungle Book and ate breakfast. Then we got dressed for Church and packed the car full for our long day ahead of us!

Church of course was wonderful. I pray that I never get over what Jesus did for me. (and you!) Nancy also joined our Church- what a great day to do so!

After church, we headed straight to my Grandparents house. Unfortunately, this is the last Holiday we will be spending at their house. For the past few weeks, we have slowly been taking things out of the house. The walls are looking bare and furniture keeps coming out. I am thankful for the beautiful weather we had to enjoy the house/property together for one more Easter. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Last year on Easter, it stormed, my Granddaddy was a few weeks from passing away, and we had the stomach bug. We ended up celebrating the next Sunday when we were not puking everywhere. :S

I have to say this. This is the very first time (ever) Landon has actually willingly smiled AND looked at the camera at the same time. He always smiles for pictures, but he is also staring out into space and trying to escape from wherever I have put him to snap his picture. So I have to take a million of the same pose in hopes I get ONE good shot of him. He did so good this time! Only took 2.5 years ;) I hope this is a sign of him getting older and actually not minding having his picture taken! He is such a sweet, sweet little boy. 

After pictures, we ate lunch. We were all so so so stuffed! Everything was delicious. We didn't even clean up afterwards. We all went outside to hide the eggs for Adalyn and Landon. They had a great time hunting for them!

The rest of the afternoon was spent outside. Landon helped my uncle mow and he ended up falling asleep so my mom held him while they sat underneath the shade in the swing. 

Adalyn actually fell asleep outside as well sitting on Adam's lap. So they each had a nice cat-nap while we were outside. While they napped, Autumn and I sat out in the sun to bake.

Once they were up, we continued to play! And of course take lots of pictures.

This is SO Landon. A boy and their sticks. I love watching him. He said to me, "I'm building a castle out of sticks momma!"

This was a surprise for the kids. Erin bought a dozen of these "confetti" eggs from Kroger. I had never seen them before and they were so cool! They looked like a real egg and broke like a real egg as well. When you shattered the egg, tons of confetti came falling out. It was so fun! They had a blast with it.

(Yes, her shorts are undone. Her brand new, size 6 shorts from Carter's my mom bought for her last week are too small! This girl will be bigger than me in no time)

They got Granddaddy pretty good!

I forgot to post this from when we first got there after Church. 

Adalyn flying her Kite.

and how fitting is this image? I looked up and saw what looked to be a cross from an airplane. So neat!

We walked to the creek, took a walk down the road, played ball with the kids and then Adam, Casey, Autumn and I played "Pepper" for the longest time. It has been so long since Adam and I played and it was so much fun. I haven't moved around that fast or that much since my ball playing days in high school. We left around 7:15 and headed home. We, as in Adam and I, were exhausted! Adam bathed the kids when we got home and I unpacked and fixed them something to eat. We watched a few minutes of TV before putting the kids down for the night. Adam and I followed soon after! So so tired! 

It was a wonderful day and I'm so thankful to have spent it with my family.

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I didn't blog about our Easter in 2010 because I wasn't on the blogging band wagon then. Adalyn was around 5 months and I can assure you she looked precious in her coral dress and sandals. :) And if you noticed from my other Easter blog entries, I always try to color coordinate! ;) I hate I don't have a picture of Adalyn's 1st Easter on my blog. I may try to upload it later once I can locate it on my computer!

2011- Pregnant with Landon! 

2012- Look at my babies! Adalyn was 2 and Landon was 6 1/2 months

2013-kids were growing and getting some hair!
Adalyn was 3 and Landon was 18 months


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adalyn's dentist appt.

 While we were on Spring Break last week, Adalyn had her 6 month dental check up. I made it for 8:30 on Thursday morning so she was super excited to get up and go!

She had a great check up! Landon loves tagging along to these appointments because there is always so much to do at that office for kids. He even got to take a prize home, too. :)

As we were leaving, we went ahead and scheduled Adalyn's next cleaning for during Fall Break ANNND we went ahead and scheduled Landon's 1st check up for the same morning as well! I can't believe Landon will be 3 in September and going to his very first dentist appointment in October as a 3 year old! 
I remember Adalyn's first time at the dentist like it was yesterday. She did so so well. She sat so still and listened to every word they said. Landon on the other hand.... hahahaha!! I'm laughing just thinking about it! We shall see how he does come October :) 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break

Last week was our Spring Break. The central office still works the first 2 days so Adam headed to the farm on Monday while Lynn came to the house to watch the kids and on Tuesday, he stayed home and went grocery shopping and took the kids to the cattle sale. Since we were on break, that's when we try to get in any necessary appointments. Adam had a dentist appt Wednesday morning and I had an appt. at Baptist that morning, too. He took Landon with him and they went to the farm afterwards. Adalyn came along with me and watched Frozen on our way to Nashville. Once we were finished there, we stopped in Murfreesboro for a quick lunch and some shopping! I love my little shopping partner. You can't go to Murfreesboro without stopping at Target so of course, we went there, too. And let me just say, I left that store only spending $2.00. Yes, $2.00. I will be the first to tell you I never leave that place so empty handed!
 I'm sure Adam was thankful ;) 
When we were finished, we headed for home but stopped at my parents house first. My mom told me to come and "shop" before she took a lot of her stuff to goodwill. I love my moms decorating taste so I loaded up on some things. I love hand me downs! Thursday morning came and we had to get up bright and early for Adalyn's dentist appt. at 8:30. She was so excited about going! I'll do another post about that. Once we were finished, we took the kids to Jiffy Burger to meet Papaw and Aunt Sherrie. It was about 9:30 by this time and both kids were so excited about spending the night with them. Adam and I were just as equally excited because that meant we had the entire day to ourselves which was heavenly. We had a big to-do list we wanted to tackle so as soon as we got home, we got to working. (I will blog soon on what we have been doing!:) It was a gorgeous, warm day and it was so nice to be able to do what we needed to do without any interruptions. Heavenly I tell you. Just heavenly. We cooked ribs that night, watched what we wanted to on TV, and made a Sonic run. Friday morning we got up bright and early and made it to Chattanooga by 8:30. Once we were done there, we stoped in Pelham to see the kids and to farm the rest of the day. The weather we had for Spring Break was awesome. Hot and sunny, just the way I like it! We stayed outside We got new pigs on Monday so the kids loved checking on them on and off throughout the day. Landon took a great nap and we ended our day with a Sun Drop and some oreos. ;)
Saturday morning was spent at home. We ran a few errands and got the kids their very first slush from Sonic. Landon got green apple and Adalyn chose cherry.(yuck) To our surprise, Adalyn liked her slush. This is a girl who won't drink apple juice and absolutely will not ever try tea, chocolate milk, sprite, etc. I purposefully ask her if she wants to try whatever I have and her answer is always no. She sticks with water. She does like Capri Suns, though. Landon on the other hand, likes any drink you put in front of him. When we told him we were going to Sonic the first thing he said was, "I want a sun drop!" haha. When we got home, we washed Adam's truck. I knew the kids would end up drenched, so once we were finished washing, I lined up their toys for them to wash. This is what ended up happening...

 He was LOVING it!!
 Just LOOK at Landon's face!

 Now it was Adalyn's turn!

They had a ball getting each other wet. Once we got them dried off and in new clothes, we ate lunch and put them down a little earlier for their nap. We were going to Dustin and Christina's later that afternoon so I wanted them to nap as much as possible before we needed to leave. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside in Hillsboro with Levi and Shelby. :) They had the bounce house on for the kids, they played on the swing set, played t-ball, rode the 4-wheeler, roasted marshmellows for smores, played with Levi's trucks and trains, and ran around like crazy. They had so much fun! We grilled steaks for supper and left around 8:45 that night. It was a great way to end our Spring Break! 

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