Friday, December 19, 2014

Adam's office and other things

A few weeks ago after Adam was finished with a principal's meeting at the central office, he went back to school to find his office decorated for Christmas
He has the best staff ever!!

December 6 was the Christmas parade. We parked on the square and enjoyed all the lights, songs, and characters we were able to see! 
The kids liked the candy too :)
Landon was able to meet The Grinch. He was SOO excited! His favorite book this month has been How The Grinch Stole Christmas so it was so fitting to catch a glimpse of him up close!

How cute are they dressed and ready for Church?

I was putting my make-up on one morning when Landon walked into my bathroom from just waking up. He gave me a hug and layed down on the floor. I couldn't help but to laugh

After church one Wednesday night I had Landon in my lap and we were watching TV before bed. Adalyn came up to me and said, " I'll sit on the side. I'm too big." I said "Oh no you don't! You are never too big for my lap!" 
Adam took our picture. I love it so much! 
The loves of my life in my lap- so blessed!

Last Saturday the kids helped us feed hay. 
They are such good helpers on the farm

and here is our Christmas card this year

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Reading Night

Last Thursday was reading night at Adam's school so I put the kids in their pajamas and we headed over to school to get ready for a fun night! All kids are to come in their pj's and meet in the gym to listen to 3 Christmas stories. I snapped this during one of the stories everyone was listening to.
See! They can be sweet to each other every once in a while

After the stories were read, Santa made his grand entrance and all the kids were thrilled! Santa said hello, spoke to a few kids, then went off to get ready for pictures. The children were then split up into grade levels and everyone left the gym to go do a Christmas craft and have cupcakes and juice. My kids ended up making an ornament- they had so much fun!

We then hopped in line to meet Santa. I love to see Santa pictures of kids screaming for dear life- I laugh every time! I knew that wouldn't happen for us considering how much Landon LOVES to meet characters. It is normally pretty difficult to capture a picture of Landon actually looking and smiling at the camera but I discovered this past summer while at Disney World that anytime he was with a character of some sort, he was all smiles and would look right at the camera. 

Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Adalyn's 1st Christmas musical

Adalyn is in the pre-school choir at church and has class every Wednesday at 6:00. Sunday, December 7 was the Children's Christmas Musical and the Preschool and Kindergarten choir opened up the musical with 2 songs and the ringing of bells. This was her very first time to participate in a musical of some sort at Church. She was very excited and I was just as excited for her! Growing up, I was in every play, musical or VBS musical that was put on so I can't wait to watch her in the upcoming years show her love for Jesus and sing her little heart out. We had a pew full of family watching and all the kids did such a great job.

Love the lime green glob of gum in her mouth :/

Such sass!

Love these kids!

In the pictures, the last 3 kids on the right makes up the preschool choir and the other children are apart of the Kindgerten choir. 

Great job kiddos!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Our favorite time of the year!

We decided to go against what we normally do each year and that is to put up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving! I guess in years past the weekend of Thanksgiving always worked out best to put up our tree but this year, we did it the Sunday evening prior to Thanksgiving. 
I love having our house decorated for Christmas and I am especially loving this year hearing Landon randomly say, " I love our tree".

He points and says, "Look! My tractor ornament! Look! Buzz Lightyear!" Look! A snowman!"

For the past week, after dinner and baths, we will sit on the couch and watch a Christmas movie on ABC Family. So far we have watched Elf, The Santa Claus, and Polar Express. It's so relaxing having just the lights from the tree on and a good Christmas movie on TV to watch. Both kids have been so into all of these movies. It's been great! They laughed during the entire Elf movie and was absolutely glued to The Polar Express last night. Thankfully, these movies have captivated Landon for the entire duration so it's been so nice ! Now each night Landon has asked, " Can I have my milk, my cookie and watch a Christmas movie?"
Sweet boy!!

The kids love their Christmas pj's. 
Landon will ask, "Can I wear my candy cane pajamas?"

A blast from the past in their Christmas pj's!

I could only find a picture of our Christmas Card the year of 2012-



And just for laughs...

"Landon! Be nice to your sister and just smile!"
Just keepin it real.
I always eventually get a decent picture of the two but it takes a lot of sweat and work to get it 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Our Thanksgiving Break was so much fun! We closed the office at noon on Tuesday and I went home to clean and finish up a few things around the house since Adam and the kids were at the farm. We enjoyed evey minute of our break being at home playing, napping, and seeing lots of family. 

Tuesday night we went over to my mom and dad's for dinner and the kids were excited to see Uncle Christopher, Aunt Brandy and Hunter. The kids played and played and we all ate a delicious supper. Adalyn could not understand why Hunter would not let her hold him anymore. 
Maybe it's because he's 14 months old and is everywhere!
I forgot how busy that little age is!

Granddaddy and his grandkids

Look at these cuties in their Christmas pajamas!

We hung around at home Wednesday with the kids and it was so nice to do absolutely nothing! I feel like we are always on the go so we welcomed the fact that we had nothing to do!

Thanksgiving morning we left the house early and made our way to my uncle and aunts house to celebrate Thanksgiving! We arrived around 9:30 and walked in just in time for Landon to see Spiderman on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. The rest of the family showed up shortly after us and we got busy cooking our big Thanksgiving lunch! The kids played so well and I know they are glad that Hunter is old enough to somewhat "play" too. 

I believe we were shooting to eat around 11:30ish or so and if I remember correctly, we were just about on time! The food was sooo delicious and of course, we had so much! We made Adalyn eat a few bites of turkey but we don't have to beg Landon to eat his. Surprisingly, he is our meat eater and gobbled it down. Asking him to eat macaroni and cheese though is a different story...

After lunch and things were cleaned up a bit, the guys went to my uncle and aunts land they own (and hope to build on one day) to shoot guns. My family is a gun loving family without a doubt.
My mom and Hunter went upstairs to take a nap (Adalyn layed with them too after a little while) and us girls (and Landon!) lounged around on the couches and watched Elf. Landon fell asleep for a while and once everyone was awake, we got ready and met the guys at the land to take some pictures. 

When we pulled up, Landon was so excited to see the guys and especially to watch them shoot all their guns. On their land sits a reallllly old home that I enjoy walking through whenever we are there. It was freezing on Thanksgiving so I was glad to see they had built a big fire.

My Grandmother and Granddaddy would be so proud to see this picture. 
Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren 

An oldie but goodie!
We have added two more sweet boys to this group!

I mean, have you ever?!? This kid is just adorable!

Hunter's new face he makes 
(Adalyn did the same thing! Brought back memories watching him do it) 

(this one makes me laugh)

Landon's "gun" aka- a stick

Like father like son

My 14 year old cousin is almost taller than me!

It was soo cold that once we were finished hanging out at the land, we headed back to their house to re-heat all of our Thanksgiving food and warm up! We gave the kids a bath, ate another wonderful meal, and had our comfy clothes on for the rest of the night. The kids continued playing, Adam, Autumn and I ran to Wal-Mart on the spur of the moment in hopes to come up lucky in the electronics department (no such luck) and we left around 8:00 that night. 

We had a such a wonderful day I hated to see it come to an end! The kids were cozy in the car with blankets on them and a movie on for our trip back home. We put them straight to bed and woke up early on Friday morning to celebrates Thanksgiving again with the Clark's!

Our first stop was Jerry and Nancy's to eat breakfast at the store and then headed to the house to start preparing for our big Thanksgiving lunch! 

Adalyn jumped right in and started helping with the dressing.

After a while, we packed everything up and made our way over to Brad, Melissa and Jackson's house.

Each Thanksgiving the "boy" cousins were always responsible for the fruit salad (the best fruit salad ever!) Now, we have lots of little hands who contribute in making the salad! 
Landon enjoyed doing this because he was able to use a plastic knife. He kept saying, "Look! I did it!" as he cut up Bananas.

Everyone in the family brings multiple dishes that we signed up for so we have an abundance of food! After we ate, we took the kids on walk. It was much warmer on Friday so it was so nice to be outside!

All the cousins (minus Jackson) 
These kiddos are sooo close in age!

Decorating papaw with pretty fabric!

All the kids play and play without hardly taking a break! It is so nice now that ours are 3 and 5 and can just say, "see ya later! " as they play in the play room all day long. It's nice to be able to sit and talk without having to have constant attention on them. It's sad that they are growing up on us, but we are loving this age so much. Around supper time we brought all of the food back out and warmed everything back up for another delicious meal! I can officially say I ate wayyyy too much on those two days but everything was just so good! I'm sure I'm not the only one who can say that! ;)

And just for fun...
Thanksgiving 2010

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

I enjoy reading back at our previous Thanksgiving get togethers so much. Things change every year but something that will never change is how thankful and blessed we are with our family and friends.

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