Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adalyn's dentist appt.

 While we were on Spring Break last week, Adalyn had her 6 month dental check up. I made it for 8:30 on Thursday morning so she was super excited to get up and go!

She had a great check up! Landon loves tagging along to these appointments because there is always so much to do at that office for kids. He even got to take a prize home, too. :)

As we were leaving, we went ahead and scheduled Adalyn's next cleaning for during Fall Break ANNND we went ahead and scheduled Landon's 1st check up for the same morning as well! I can't believe Landon will be 3 in September and going to his very first dentist appointment in October as a 3 year old! 
I remember Adalyn's first time at the dentist like it was yesterday. She did so so well. She sat so still and listened to every word they said. Landon on the other hand.... hahahaha!! I'm laughing just thinking about it! We shall see how he does come October :) 

Adalyn's 1st appt here
2nd appt here

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break

Last week was our Spring Break. The central office still works the first 2 days so Adam headed to the farm on Monday while Lynn came to the house to watch the kids and on Tuesday, he stayed home and went grocery shopping and took the kids to the cattle sale. Since we were on break, that's when we try to get in any necessary appointments. Adam had a dentist appt Wednesday morning and I had an appt. at Baptist that morning, too. He took Landon with him and they went to the farm afterwards. Adalyn came along with me and watched Frozen on our way to Nashville. Once we were finished there, we stopped in Murfreesboro for a quick lunch and some shopping! I love my little shopping partner. You can't go to Murfreesboro without stopping at Target so of course, we went there, too. And let me just say, I left that store only spending $2.00. Yes, $2.00. I will be the first to tell you I never leave that place so empty handed!
 I'm sure Adam was thankful ;) 
When we were finished, we headed for home but stopped at my parents house first. My mom told me to come and "shop" before she took a lot of her stuff to goodwill. I love my moms decorating taste so I loaded up on some things. I love hand me downs! Thursday morning came and we had to get up bright and early for Adalyn's dentist appt. at 8:30. She was so excited about going! I'll do another post about that. Once we were finished, we took the kids to Jiffy Burger to meet Papaw and Aunt Sherrie. It was about 9:30 by this time and both kids were so excited about spending the night with them. Adam and I were just as equally excited because that meant we had the entire day to ourselves which was heavenly. We had a big to-do list we wanted to tackle so as soon as we got home, we got to working. (I will blog soon on what we have been doing!:) It was a gorgeous, warm day and it was so nice to be able to do what we needed to do without any interruptions. Heavenly I tell you. Just heavenly. We cooked ribs that night, watched what we wanted to on TV, and made a Sonic run. Friday morning we got up bright and early and made it to Chattanooga by 8:30. Once we were done there, we stoped in Pelham to see the kids and to farm the rest of the day. The weather we had for Spring Break was awesome. Hot and sunny, just the way I like it! We stayed outside We got new pigs on Monday so the kids loved checking on them on and off throughout the day. Landon took a great nap and we ended our day with a Sun Drop and some oreos. ;)
Saturday morning was spent at home. We ran a few errands and got the kids their very first slush from Sonic. Landon got green apple and Adalyn chose cherry.(yuck) To our surprise, Adalyn liked her slush. This is a girl who won't drink apple juice and absolutely will not ever try tea, chocolate milk, sprite, etc. I purposefully ask her if she wants to try whatever I have and her answer is always no. She sticks with water. She does like Capri Suns, though. Landon on the other hand, likes any drink you put in front of him. When we told him we were going to Sonic the first thing he said was, "I want a sun drop!" haha. When we got home, we washed Adam's truck. I knew the kids would end up drenched, so once we were finished washing, I lined up their toys for them to wash. This is what ended up happening...

 He was LOVING it!!
 Just LOOK at Landon's face!

 Now it was Adalyn's turn!

They had a ball getting each other wet. Once we got them dried off and in new clothes, we ate lunch and put them down a little earlier for their nap. We were going to Dustin and Christina's later that afternoon so I wanted them to nap as much as possible before we needed to leave. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside in Hillsboro with Levi and Shelby. :) They had the bounce house on for the kids, they played on the swing set, played t-ball, rode the 4-wheeler, roasted marshmellows for smores, played with Levi's trucks and trains, and ran around like crazy. They had so much fun! We grilled steaks for supper and left around 8:45 that night. It was a great way to end our Spring Break! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Church Egg Hunt

We had perfect weather for our Church egg hunt yesterday! It safe to say it was actually hot, and I absolutely loved it. There is nothing better than feeling the sun beat down on your face!

 Sunday afternoons after Church the kids are always wiped out. That means they sleep for hours until we have to get up and get ready to head back to church that night. Adam and I almost always use that time as our down time, too. We normally end up falling asleep or we just sit and watch TV in peace. 
All the festivities started at 1:30 and we knew it was right during their nap but chose to ignore that and take them anyway. The weather was gorgeous, they are at the perfect age, and we knew they would have a blast! On a typical Sunday, Landon sometimes will fall asleep in the car on the way home from Church. We never let him do this but yesterday, just like I figured he would, he dozed off. Since we were going home to eat a really fast lunch, I decided it would be best for him to nap as much as possible before our busy afternoon got started. I kept the car doors open and was thankful for the awesome breeze that we had. I went inside and fixed our lunch and we had a picnic in the living room with Adalyn and watched Disney for a bit. Landon ended up sleeping about 45 minutes or so. When he woke up, he was in a great mood and we put him right back in the car to head to Church. He ate some apple slices on the way. I know from experience when he is suupppperr tired, not to even try to make him eat anything. (that's why I didn't bother to wake him and make him eat lunch when we did.) 

As soon as we got there, the kids got a balloon animal and then Adalyn chose a rainbow to get painted on her arm while Landon played at the bubble station. 

We eventually made it over to look at all the animals. We got to see two baby camels, baby chicks, pigs, bunnies, and goats. It was so neat!

Then it was time for the 2 and under egg hunt. Adam helped Landon out while Adalyn and I stood and watched with everyone else. 

He did great and they had so many cool prizes for the kids to pick up!

(the twins of the family!)

Landon managed to get a jump rope, inflatable frog, tons of candy, and bubbles!

After his egg hunt, we made our way to get some popcorn. Adalyn informed me that she needed to use the restroom so I took her inside. Well, wouldn't you know, we missed the 3 and 4 year old egg hunt. Yikes! Thankfully, she didn't realize that ( I felt bad as it was!) so I just let her go with the Kindergarten and 1st grade group. Glad I was able to avoid a "mom fail" right there. 

In addition to eggs filled with candy, they had random prizes scattered around as well. Adalyn grabed an inflatable flower, a pink ball, a frisbee and some sunglasses. She had so much fun!

Next, popcorn and a snow cone break!

I snapped this of Mrs. Patricia holding Landon. 
Landon adores her and she (and all the other ladies in the pre-school dept) are sooo good to him and all the other kids!

In addition to all the activites, everyone was able to hear Dr. Cox tell the Easter story. That is so so important for everyone to hear. People need to know Easter is not about the Easter bunny and hunting eggs, it's about recognizing Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection. 
 I am so very thankful for our Church family!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Girl Trip!

Last Friday morning my mom, Adalyn and I got on the road at 7:00 AM to make our way to Ocala to visit Christopher, Brandy and Hunter. It takes anywhere from 8-9 hours to get there so Adalyn was set with multiple movies to watch, books to read, and coloring books to color. It rained a good portion of the way down there- which I hate to drive in the middle of a down pour on the interstate! But once we hit Valdosta the rain was finished. We arrived at their house around 3:30 or so. Adalyn did great in the car. I knew she would- she is so so easy. She watched her movies and colored quietly. As we got into Florida all we could talk about was how green everything was. Like lime green- it was so refreshing to see. Our bare trees in TN are ugly to look at. They already have roses blooming as well. It has been Spring there for quite some time now. We played the rest of the afternoon and ordered Outback for supper. I had a salad- soo good! We all went to bed late and woke up early. We got everything ready for a full day in Daytona. It was due to rain on Saturday but we loaded the boat up anyway and made the trip. It takes a little over an hour or so to get to Daytona from Ocala which is nice. Our first stop was the beach! Anytime I see the beach I get so excited. Brandy knew of a restaurant we could eat at that was on the beach so that's where we headed. We ordered our food then walked on the beach! It made me want summer to be here already!!!

You can multi-task at any age.

 Ready to head to Daytona!

Nothing like jumping on the sand!

A trip to the beach isn't complete without a cartwheel on the sand!

Lunch was great. I got the crab dip and it was delicious! The rain moved in while we were eating so we headed to the mall to shop for a bit until the rain passed.

Look what Adalyn did! She had a blast.

After we shopped, the sun came out! We loaded up and headed back to the boat. The sun felt SO good beating down on my face. The ride was very relaxing and Adalyn slept through the majority of it!

That night we ordered pizza once we finally made it back home. We were all wiped out!

Sunday morning we slept in and relaxed. It was so nice to do nothing! 

Around noon we ate lunch and got ready for an afternoon of shopping. For the past year, Target has been my choice for my clothes and shoes. I could spend all day roaming the aisles in that place. Adalyn needed new sandals for the warmer months ahead so she got 3 different pair and I loaded up on some some things myself. We then hit Old Navy, Kirklands, and Panera Bread for a cookie snack. When we got back, we played outside and grilled hamburgers. 

I stayed up late that night to finish my book. I cannot put any books by Nicholas Sparks down! I had started this certain book on Monday and finished it Sunday. 

We woke up very early Monday morning and got on the road. I think we left at 6:15. I started the trip driving so I was glad when my 2 hours was up and it was my moms turn. :) Thankfully, it did not rain on us while traveling back. We got to my parents house around 3:00. Adalyn kept telling me thoughout our trip how much she missed Landon. We were both so eager to get home to see our boys! We were home around 3:30 and Adam hadn't arrived home just yet. I opened the door expecting to see Landon but he was still napping. I was dying to get my hands on him so I decided I would wake him up. Well, as soon as I opened his bedroom door, all I could smell was poop. It was so strong. All I figured was he had a poopy diaper before he was put down for his nap and it was still lingering in the air. Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong. One of my worst fears came true on that afternoon. He had obviously pooped at the very beginning of his nap and I guess he didn't want to sleep in that so he proceeded to take his diaper off. So for the 2.5 hours of his nap, he slept naked in poop and pee. Yuck!! Poop was smeared on the bumper, pee on his sheets and blankets. Poor baby was just looking at me trying to figure out what was going on since he had just woken up. He was still in a daze. All I could do was try not to gag and took him straight to the bathtub to wash him! I had been warned that kids do that kind of stuff. Adalyn never did so this was a first for me! We took every single thing out of his bed and washed it immediately. I had a talk with him and explained that we absoluetly do not do that. He said "yes mam" in the sweetest voice and I couldn't help but to smile at him. The whole situation was actually pretty comical and I pray with all of my might that he won't pull a stunt like that again. ;) 
Welcome home!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My 27th Birthday!

My 27th birthday fell on a Sunday this year and I loved that it did! Nothing like going to Church and spending the rest of the day with your family. I woke up to birthday cards, flowers, Oreos ;), and a pair of Toms! After Church, we headed straight to my parents. We had BBQ sandwiches for lunch then we all watched Frozen and took a long nap. There is nothing a mother wants more than a nap on a Sunday afternoon. :) I am so glad my kids love to nap, too! When we woke up, the kids played and got in the hot tub with Adam. Adam then had to leave for a quick meeting at Church and while he was gone, my mom and I started dinner. By the time Adam arrived back at the house, dinner was almost ready!
 I requested fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and rolls! (talk about carb overload, huh? BUT, I only turn 27 once! ;)
I didn't even eat the corn or mashed potatoes, I was so full from everything else! My birthday dessert was an oreo dessert my mom and Adalyn made for me. Since I do not like cake, this oreo dessert is my "cake"! And oh was it delicious!

My day (after Church) was spent in sweats with my family and eating my favorite foods- what more could I ask for?! I am so blessed!
I had a wonderful birthday!

I have spent every birthday with Adam since I turned 15. 
How cool is it that now at 27, I am spending it with my 4 and 2 year old?

I love my momma!

and I love my daddy!

So thankful for these two!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Another thing that made this birthday so special is the fact that Adalyn can sign her name (and Landon's!) on my card. 
Just yet another sign that she is growing up on me!
See her rainbow to the left? And the two sunshines on the right? 

The circles are balloons :) and you can see where she wrote Landon's name underneath hers.

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