Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Landon's 1st Dentist Appt.

Back in the Spring when we took Adalyn for a dental check up, we went ahead and scheduled her next appointment for the Fall and we also scheduled Landon's very first appointment for then as well. 6 months went by super fast and his first appointment finally came! We planned it during Fall Break so Adam and I could both go. I really was not sure how he would act at the dentist just due to the fact that he pretty much freaks out when my mom cuts his hair. A few days before their appointment we started telling him about it and showing him what they would do to his teeth. Adalyn of course was super excited to go.

Last Thursday our appointment was at 8:30 and the kids played in the waiting room for a bit before they called us back. They played the Wii and watched Doc McStuffins. 

When they called us back, they weighed and measured each kid.

Then they took Landon's picture since it was his first visit! It is now hanging on our refrigerator. :)

First up was Adalyn. She looked like an old pro climbing in the chair. She was so excited! They also did some xrays as well.

As her prize, she chose a flashlight. :)

Next was Landon! 
He climbed right in the chair and grabbed his monkey they had waiting for him. He was so excited about it!

He was so good at following directions and listened to everything they said. 
They of course explained what they were going to do and Adam and I both knew he wouldn't care much for the noise of the toothbrush tool. The kids each have an electric toothbrush at home and while Adalyn loves to brush with hers on, Landon is adamant that we not turn his on at all. It's somewhat comical when we do turn it on and his face just freezes and says "no, no, no" over and over again. haha.
As she started doing this, you could hear panic in his voice and she pulled out a Jake and the Neverland Pirate toothbrush and everything was good! She even let him brush too so he enjoyed that. I snapped a picture of him doing it but it must be on Adam's phone. The entire time he just layed there like he was suppose to... and I have to say, I was somewhat shocked. ha! I have said it many times before but Landon definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. lol
We were so proud of him!

Showing Dr. McKee his new monkey
(he has slept with it every night since!)

He had a great check up and we will be back in March!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Landon's 3 year check up

Monday morning Landon had his 3 year check up with Dr. Eastham. We had told him a few days prior about his appointment and one of the first things he said to me was, "I don't want a shot". I didn't want to lie to him because I truly wasn't sure if he was due for a shot or not so I just told him I wasn't sure and that it would be ok if so. Monday morning comes around and all Adalyn could say to him was that he would be getting a shot in his thigh "right here" (pointing at her thigh) and said that it would hurt. I told her to hush and to stop trying to purposefully scare her brother.

Landon did so well at his appointment. He was in the 92nd percentile in height and 91st percentile in weight.
He weighed 37.5 lbs and is 3 ft 3 inches tall.

Can't believe he is 3!

Adam made the comment the other night that he wishes we could just freeze him and keep him this size and age forever. I totally agreed. 
Age 2- 2 1/2 I'm not so sure I could say I agreed with him if he said it then.
But he is growing up before my eyes and is getting big and heavy and I have noticed it's getting harder for me to hold him and rock with him. Since he is our last child, I am truly savoring this time in our lives right now. 

My "baby" is no longer a baby anymore and I'm not so sure I am ready to acknowledge that!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Landon!

Landon's birthday was last Tuesday so we decided to celebrate by going to the Fair that evening with family and friends! My mom and dad, Jerry and Nancy, Sherrie and Dave, Brad, Melissa and Jackson and Dustin, Christina, Levi and Shelby were there and we had such a great time! We stopped by the Art building when we first arrived and looked around then we found somewhere to eat. Adam and I always love fair food so we ordered cheeseburgers, fries and a Sun Drop and it was delicious. We all ate and then headed to the barn!

(How perfect was Landon's shirt?)

The weather that night definitely reminded me that Fall is here- it was so nice!

After we checked out all the animals,

 Adalyn and Landon took a ride on the pony's. Adalyn rode by herself and Adam walked beside Landon, but he made sure to tell him that he could do it himself. So typical. :)
I think what Landon liked best was when the horse in front of him pooped. hahaha. The worker stopped the horses so he could clean it up and Landon just laughed. 

We then met up with Dustin and Christina and this is how Landon greeted Shelby...
He loves kissing on her! ha!

Then the kids started to get on the rides.

I think their favorite ride was the dragon roller coaster. I think we covered every kid ride there and they also did the big slide as well as the fun house. 

Sherrie and Dave let the kids pick a game to play so they went "fishing". I think they all laughed every single time they "caught" a fish. 
They enjoyed it!

By the end of the night, Adalyn was pooped! She was barely hanging on.

This picture pretty much sums it up. :)

Landon loved sitting on the tractors and lawn mowers before we left.

We left around 9:00 and gave the kids a quick bath when we got home and put them straight to bed. They went full throttle the entire time and had so much fun! I was glad we were able to celebrate Landon turning 3 in such a fun way. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Landon Riley!

And just for kicks... this was me 3 years ago....
40 weeks 

And my sweet boy went from this

to this
in a blink of an eye.

Landon is the best "surprise" we have ever had. God always knows what He is doing so I have no idea why I was scared to death when I found out I was pregnant. (it might have had something to do with the fact that Adalyn would only be 22 months when he was born...) 
He keeps us on our toes daily and has the cutest laugh ever. Landon has taught me a lot in the past 3 years. He is in no hurry for anything and does everything on "Landon" time. He loves junk food, will not eat macaroni and cheese, and would eat cookies all day if we allowed him to. Will sit and look at books Loves anything with wheels...tractors, construction vehicles, cars, trucks, etc. Enjoys jumping on the trampoline and driving his tractor throughout the yard. He has the loudest squeal that will pierce your ears. He is the hardest kid ever to take pictures of. He cares nothing about the camera (unlike his sister who makes it so easy!) He absolutely hates getting his hair cut and normally screams bloody murder the entire time. He loves to watch Little Einsteins and enjoys stopping to get a biscuit from Hardee's. In his words, "I want to go to Tinkle Tinkle Little Star and get a biscuit"... because of the star logo beside Hardee's ;) 

He is a true definition of a little boy who is loud, plays with pretend guns and "shoots the bad guys".
He jumps off things he shouldn't be on top of, he runs into things, he climbs onto anything he can before we can catch him, and he digs, moves and buries things a lot. I have to be ok with forts being built, fingerprints all over my doors, and building blocks because I am a boy mom. I am so blessed to be able to experience "the best of both worlds" with hairbows and dolls with Adalyn and dirt and tractors with Landon. Raising a little boy is He keeps us on our toes more than Adalyn ever did(or does), but he makes our life interesting and fun. 
Our main goal in raising Landon is to live his life for Christ. For all the bumps I'm sure we will experience along the way, I pray he will seek the Lord in all that he does.

I am a momma to a 3 year old little boy and I am so blessed to call him mine.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Landon's Digger Birthday Party!

We celebrated Landon's birthday on Saturday and we had such a wonderful time! He didn't slow down for a minute and definitely soaked up all of the attention. The weather was simply amazing. Seriously. I could not have asked for anything better! It was surprisingly chilly since a cool front moved in so it was so refreshing! 

The theme this year could not have been any more perfect for him at this moment in his life. Any type of construction vehicle he goes crazy over so it was obvious as to what theme we should go with! It was super easy to decorate as well since he has all kinds of construction trucks around the house. I always have so much fun planning the kids birthday parties and of course I started researching this theme months ago. The party was a success and we had so much fun!
We are so blessed with family and friends who came over to celebrate my baby boy turning 3. As he gets older I know our house will be full of his little friends running wild around our house! We keep it mainly to family and some close friends of ours so I suspect within the next few years we will have lots of sweet boys celebrating with us :)

I knew I wanted to stick with black, orange and yellow as a color scheme so this invite was perfect!

I made the door hanger, just like I did for Adalyn's 4th birthday party last year, out of cardboard and paint chips from Wal-Mart. Best thing about this craft is everything is free! It's fun to make and I love that you can choose any color paint chip to coordinate with whatever party theme you have.

I always take both kids outside before their birthday parties to snap a few pictures of them in front of one of our willow trees. I love to see the comparison pictures year after year.

He was saying, "It's my birthday!"

A good hug from his sister

The details

His cake is by far my most favorite cake Jennifer has made for him so far. I give her all of my ideas that are floating around in my head and she creates a masterpiece every single time!
 This cake fit Landon to a "T". 
Could NOT have been more perfect!

These "rocks" were actually chocolate pieces found at Hobby Lobby by my sister-in-law. This was perfect for our theme!

I filled each of the mason jars with rocks from outside. Easy enough!

Before we ate, the kids jumped on the trampoline, bounced in the bounce house, climbed all over the swing set and ran around the yard. Exactly what kids like to do!

Everybody ate and watched football

Look at that sweet face!
Landon's buddy Liam

Opening gifts

He was so excited about his Toy Story sleeping bag!

He received lots of fun gifts and they were all big hits!! So thank you everybody!
Landon also got his very first bicycle and he was so excited! He has been riding Adalyn's since this summer so we knew it was the perfect time for a bike of his own. Thanks Granna and Granddaddy!

Test driving his new bike!

Landon has a fascination with Octopus'. When I came across this helmet I knew it was meant to be!

After some more playing, it was cake time!
As we all sang to him, he chimmed in and sang as well. :) 
So sweet.

I hated to cut the cake it was so pretty!

This bubble gun was a huge hit! He also received a bubble machine and I just bought batteries today so we can play with that, too. Bubbles never get old!

Autumn gave the kids a bath at the end of the night and Adalyn played with Landon's new "shaving kit" he got. 

The kids had partied hard and were wiped out by the time everyone left. Landon woke up the next morning at 8:00 and that NEVER happens. haha!

Landon had a wonderful 3rd birthday party and we are so very blessed to call him ours! 
He is one loved little boy!!

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