Friday, December 9, 2016

Landon's 5 year check up

I took Landon for his 5 year check up back at the beginning of November and absolutely could not believe I was walking in there with my 5 year old in tow. I thought back to all of those regular infant check ups where we brought him in his car seat and had to make sure we had pacifiers accessible at all times to help soothe after those shots to this particular day I took him to his appointment and we sat and talked while we waited about what kind of candy he was going to pick out once we left there. What a difference a few years makes! It's fun to think back and reminisce on his baby/toddler years and to see how much he has grown today. I love that sweet boy and so thankful he is mine!

We learned he is in the 98% in height and 97% in weight! He weighed in at 56 lbs and what is so funny is I found my old Ident-A-Kid card the other day dated back to 1994 when I was 8 years old. My weight was listed as 50 lbs... at 8 years old.... I couldn't help but to crack up knowing my 5 year old weighs more than I did at 8! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy Halloween! 2016

Finally, the weather for our area on Halloween was just about perfect. The past THREE years the weather was freezing cold and rainy!! It made for 3 messy Halloweens. But this year, thankfully, was perfect! It was actually on the warm side so I decided to put Adalyn in a short sleeve shirt instead of a long sleeve like she had worn days before at the reading night at school. We always Trunk or Treat at our Church for the night and then stop by and pick up supper on our way home. We have a picnic in the living room to end our night and snack on a few pieces of candy as well! 

I'm not even kidding when I say these are the only pictures I took on Halloween! That is really not like me but just imagine lots of inflatables, games, and waiting in line going from trunk to trunk. Lots of fun was had, promise!

Like mother like daughter :)

Adalyn- 6 1/2- Strawberry Kiss Shopkin
Landon- 5- Thor

Halloween 2010 here!
Adalyn's 1st! She was a Peppermint patty :)

Read about Halloween 2011 here
(it was Landon's 1st! By the looks of this blog, I didn't take a picture of him at all . lol oh me.)
Adalyn- Minnie Mouse Landon- a sock monkey

Halloween 2012 here!
Adalyn- Cow Landon- Farmer

Halloween 2013 here!
Adalyn- Cinderella Landon- Woody

Halloween 2014 here!
Adalyn- Queen Elsa Landon- Mr. Incredible

Halloween 2015 here!
Adalyn- Rapunzel Landon- Captain America

Halloween Reading Night

A few days before Halloween, Adalyn's school put on a Halloween reading night complete with lots of Halloween stories by different teachers, face painting, snacks, games and a HUGE trunk or treat to finish off the night! It was so so much fun and I am SO blessed to have my family be apart of this school!

Landon decided to be Thor this year for Halloween (which worked out perfect since we already had the costume!) and Adalyn chose to go as a Shopkin! She made the cutest Strawberry Kiss shopkin ever!

Just thought I'd throw these few pictures in at the bottom of this post. These were taken at preschool for their Trunk or Treat for the kids. Landon wanted to go as Superman!

Random Fall pictures

Just want to update the blog with some pictures of what we have been doing during this Fall season!

The Old Timers Day parade was a COLD one! But these kiddos enjoyed watching the floats pass by and grabbing lots of candy!

How sweet!

Home Depot had a booth set up on our square where you could build your own bank or bird house. They really enjoyed doing this!

I was getting ready for work one morning and Landon walked in and climbed on the side of the tub.
I feel ya buddy, I feel ya.

Ahh! LOOK at this boys school picture! 

Adalyn is such a book worm! I am LOVING watching her become so eager to read. It's amazing from watching her learn to read last year in Kindergarten to now reading chapter books, and some times finishing those in ONE day. Y'all, she's blowing our minds! And she is the only 1st grader to have 50(+) AR points! 

Her "candy apple" pumpkin for school 

a walk through the neighborhood with my boy!

After school time on the driveway!

This girl received the Library Award for the first 9 weeks of school and also received an honor roll certificate. Proud of her!

Carving pumpkins are always fun!
But actually, it stresses me out. hahahaha. We have all the cutting tools out and Landon just could not keep his hands off of them. I'm sure parents out there can relate! HA! We eventually sent the kids on to play so Adam and I could finish them. lol Shew, maybe next year!

Love these kids!

These kids love apples and peanut butter! Esp. if they get to share with Papaw!

I took Landon to the park one morning. I LOVE some one on one time with him!

We made a trip to Alabama to visit cousins! Oh the fun we had. Lots of laughs, lots of good food, and lots of football! We had a great weekend! 

That's a little bit of Fall!

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