Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life Lately

November has been such a busy month! We celebrated Adalyn turning 5 and Adam turning 29! We also have lots of cousins and Aunt Brandy who have a November birthday as well. Last Wednesday, which was Adam's birthday, we went out to eat and of course, Adam chose Mexican for his birthday dinner. They sang to him and rubbed his dessert all over his face and the kids thought that was just the best thing ever. In addition to celebrating some pretty major birthdays, we have been keeping busy with normal day to day life. Work for us, school for the kids (more on that one later!), Church, Gymnastics, packing shoe boxes, getting a little girls ears pierced, farming, shopping, playing outside when the weather allows us to, staying with grandparents, 5 year check up, our Sunday School Thanksgiving dinner, and putting up our Christmas tree! 

Last Thursday was Adalyn's 5 year check up. I made it months ago and it just so happened to fall on the same day as their Thanksgiving lunch at school. Once I realized that, I knew better than to tell her she was going to miss it but when I picked her up from school that morning around 9:45, she obviously knew by then what she was going to be missing. Since she still has really no concept of time, she happily got in the car. By the time I got on the interstate, and after our quick conversation about possibly missing her Thanksgiving lunch, she broke down. And when I say broke down, I mean really really broke down. I was a little stunned as to how she handled the news considering she was wailing in the backseat. That's normally not really like her. She cried SO hard I couldn't even understand anything she was trying to tell me. I of course explained to her that I had made this appointment months ago and that I would have never intentionally made it on this day on purpose. As I kept driving along, and the more thinking she did of what all she was going to be missing, she cried even harder. (I didn't think that could have been possible by this point) What I could make out was, " I won't get to dress up like an Indian. I have feathers. I have a dress. I have a necklace." But of course as easy as it is to read that on a computer screen, just imagine major crying and could barely speak so it was really jumbled and took her a looong time to spit it all out. 
I felt horrible. I just wanted to hold her. She looked so pitiful in the backseat. In my head all I could think was, "Way to go Hollyn. You have broken your childs heart. You should have thought about a possible Thanksgiving lunch wayyyy back in September when you made this appointment!!"
Mom fail.

Adalyn cried the entire 30 minute trip to see Dr. Eastham. She never let up. I felt like I had a newborn in the backseat and couldn't figure out how to make them quit crying. 
Finally, I was able to get her to dry her eyes and blow about 3 lbs of snot out of her nose. Once I was parked, I helped her out of the backseat and gave her the biggest hug. She looked at me and said, "I'm ok now momma. I know this doctors appointment means a lot to you." 
No, it's not all that important to me. It just one of those things we have/need to do each year. 
I couldn't help but to smile at her. She has the sweetest heart.
Once inside the office, she was back to her normal self and excited to see Dr. Eastham. They checked her vision, weight, and height. We talk about Dr. Eastham all the time so she was so happy when he came in the room and sat down to talk to her. 
I was secretly hoping we would not have to wait long at the doctors office so I could try to get her back to school for some of the Thanksgiving festivities her class would be doing. (We got back as her class was leaving the fellowship hall but she still had a whole hour left with them so she was ok!) Thankfully, we did all of her shots at her 4 year check up so she doesn't have to get anymore shots until 7th grade! 

Because of the drama on the way to the doctor and (thankfully) not having to be there for a long time, I failed to take a picture. 
Shocking, I know.

But, here are her stats! 
Weight- 59 lbs - 98%
Height- 3 ft 11 inches- 99%
I laugh because she will be bigger than me by the time she's in 3rd grade. 

What's new with Landon? 
He is still a busy busy little boy. I shouldn't even say little anymore because here recently he just looks SO much bigger to us. It's so funny once your child's vocabulary goes from repeating, to building sentences from words you taught them, to fully communicating with thoughts and words of their own. Landon is 100% boy and is really getting into Ninja Turtles, swords, guns, and super heroes. He woke up the other morning and the first thing out of his mouth was this: 
"Momma. Santa is going to bring me a engine turtle!!"
Guess what Santa is bringing Landon??
And guess who is NOT going to tell him the correct way to say "Ninja Turtle"?
Hearing "engine turtle" is just so sweet and reminds me he is still my "baby".

He is currently obsessed with Wreck it Ralph and Mr. Incredible. He has been talking about The Hulk recently even though he has never seen it. I guess that's just a boy thing though. It's like they automatically know all of the "boy" stuff without being shown or taught.

Both kids still talk about "Disney Jr."
aka Disney World
They both keep asking when we get to go back. They can tell you in detail the rides we rode, who we met, even down to, "I had a piderman Popsicle and it had biiiig eye balls at the water park".
Our next trip to Disney cannot come quick enough! I would go tomorrow if we could. I loved it that much.

At 5 and 3 years old, things are just much much easier. Little things like not having to have a bag with us anymore for Landon, Adalyn dresses and buckles herself up, riding their bicycles and us walking behind, can sit and watch an entire movie, amongst other things. I really do love their ages. 
There is nothing more amazing than watching your babies grow into their own little person, even though it can bring you to tears (good or bad) sometimes.

On some days, I could almost say they fight like cats and dogs, but really, I should say they just bicker at each other. 
Typical sibiling stuff. 
She took my book. He is throwing my baby! She won't let me watch Little Einsteins! He is coloring outside the lines! I want to drive the gator! No, I want to drive the gator! He has my orange marker. But I want the orange marker! He's mixing the playdough with other colors. She took my cookie cutter! I want to sit in the front of the bathtub-it's warmer. No I want to sit in the front of the bathtub!

I laugh as I type. See, normal sibiling stuff. I know, I know. But besides all of that, they are the best of friends and when one is gone, you hear, "Where's my sissy?" or "Where is Landon at?" all day long. 

Thankful is what I am. 
My heart is full. 
My body might be tired (ha!), but my heart is full.

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Adalyn's Frozen Birthday Party!

We celebrated Adalyn turning 5 by throwing a Frozen party for her! We have been talking about this party for months and once she finally decided to go with the Frozen theme, I ran with it! 
Frozen is clearly the party choice of the year for most little girls and Adalyn absolutely loves everything about the movie, sings the songs all the time, and chose to dress as Elsa for Halloween so it only made sense to go with what she is sooo into right now!
I had so much fun planning it!

Saturday morning I cleaned the house a little and then Adalyn and I headed to pick up her cake and ran to Wal-Mart to pick up her balloons. Once we returned, we started to decorate some and then sat down for lunch. We then put the kids down for naps and Adam and I got busy! The party started at 4 and I ended up having to wake both kids up to get them ready. 
Just like every year, I took Adalyn outside to snap a few pictures before the party started!

I can't believe how grown she looks!

Adam put out some Christmas lights on the front porch and I made the door sign by cutting out cardboard and added paint strips! I started doing this last year for their parties and the best part about it? 
It's free!

How cute is her cake?! Matched her invites perfectly!

This little white Christmas tree goes in Adalyn's room during Christmas time. I thought it would be a great addition for the party so I pulled it down from the attic. 

The weather was SO cold that we didn't even think about going outside to play. Thank goodness I had a few activities for the kids to do!

First up...
Do you want to build a snowman? 

Next, pin the nose of Olaf!
(so thankful for Hope and her artistic skills!)
I took a lot of pictures of this game but I'll spare you and just throw in a few!

Loved these water bottle labels!  
and they were free! Just google it!

Some of the food we served had a meaning behind it to go with the movie. I made the food cards as well. Super easy. Not sure why I just now realized I could!

(We served meatballs and buffalo chicken dip as well, just forgot to take a picture of the food card)

Up until her birthday, Adalyn didn't really have any Frozen dolls or an Olaf stuffed animal for me to decorate with so I printed pictures from the internet and framed them. Easy enough!

Present time!

Family picture after opening gifts! Landon looks thrilled, doesn't he?! :P

Cake time!

Hard to believe we were singing to our 5 year old!

 She received Frozen roller skates from Aunt Brandy and Uncle Christopher- they were a hit!

We had a house full of people who were there to celebrate Adalyn turning 5 and we are so thankful for them! This girl is loved by so many.

I love comparison pictures! 1st birthday through her 5th birthday. From bald to super curly hair!

I wonder what theme she will pick next year?!

Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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