Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just an update!

Well, so much is going on! =) I will tell more in a later post I'm sure but we have been super busy! Adalyn is getting so so big and very independent. She is talking way more now and will answer yes or no if she wants something. She has such a personality and loves to "twirl". Looks like we may have ballerina on our hands! We have also asked if she wants a baby brother or sister and each time she has said Yes! She's off to a good start, but I have a feeling she won't feel like that for long. Adam and I went to the doctor yesterday and heard our sweet baby's heartbeat. 143 bpm. I could listen to that all day. After the appt. we headed to Cool Springs to Rooms To Go and bought new living room furniture! I can't wait until we actually get it. They are having to wait on the couch which is fine. We have time! Anyway, here is a picture of me at 15 weeks 2 days with baby # 2.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Adam and I always try to visit this buttercup field in Pelham every year. It is just beautiful! We took Adalyn a few Sundays ago, March 13 (her 16 month birthday!) and took lots of pictures.

Where's Adalyn?

She didn't think she was allowed to get up

With daddy and mommy

We are so glad Spring is here. The weather has been so nice lately!

Baby # 2!

By now everyone knows we are expecting another Clark! I can assure you, if it was a surprise to you, it was an even BIGGER surprise to us! We found out in January and told our families last Monday, March 14, then friends to follow on Tuesday. I was 13 weeks. This pregnancy has been completely different than my pregnancy with Adalyn. I was miserable for 15 weeks with her! Throwing up, no energy, couldn't eat, you name it and I was experienced it. I am now 14 weeks (2nd Trimester) and feeling great! The only time I feel a little nauseous is mainly at night when I get really tired and of course it happens when I do all my sewing. I have not thrown up and I have no trouble eating. =) Maybe it's a boy?! Either way, we will be super excited no matter what. God has blessed us with another life to raise, love, and to teach. Adalyn is now saying "Baby". It is the cuestest thing. They will be 22 months apart as Baby Clark's due date is September 19. I have also started showing A LOT sooner than I did with Adalyn. I had always heard you would show sooner and now I am living proof. It was becoming so hard for me to hide my bump or bloat, whatever you wish to call it. Thank goodness I can let it all hang out now! ha. Bella Bands are a life saver. Please continue to keep myself and my growing family in your prayers as we will soon be adjusting to having another baby in our lives! =)

Baby Clark's very first picture--- 11 weeks 3 days---

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My BIG surprise!

Friday, (Feb. 25) I had to go to Nashville that afternoon and Adam wanted to come with me. I thought it was weird he was willing to take half a day off from work but I of course would never turn down his company! After I was done, we get back in the car and pulls the GPS out. I immediately started laughing at him and asking why in the world he needed that to get home?! He just told me not to worry about it and he turns to the side and starts typing in an address. For those of you who know me you know I can't let anything go so I kept asking him what he was doing, etc. We get on the interstate (complete opposite way we should have been going) and my brain is just turning. He got me a visit to the spa in Murfreesboro and for a split second I thought, maybe he made the appointment for me and is surprising me with that?! Once I saw a sign for Louisville, I cancelled that idea. As we kept driving I saw a sign for Opryland. I started thinking again maybe we are doing dinner? walking around? I was dying to know what he was up to. I thought for a SPLIT second that maybe he got a hotel for us to stay at but then I thought, nope, tomorrow is Saturday, he is going to the farm. So anyway, after frying my brain from thinking so hard, i decided to give up. We got off the Opryland exit and he turned into the Courtyard Marriott by Opryland. He looked at me and said we needed a weekend get away! He opened the trunk and there I see our bags!! I started crying of course. I told him I felt bad b/c I didnt even tell Adalyn bye! Well, I did, but definitely not they way I would have if I knew I would be gone for 2 days! He then started telling me that he had planned everything. His mom and dad would be coming to the house Friday afternoon to stay with Adalyn until early Saturday afternoon and my mom would come Saturday afternoon and take her to Church Sunday morning. Mind you we have NEVER left Adalyn over night before! Yeah, I know, 15 months was probably too long to wait. I told myself not to freak out. See, if I would have known, I would have been able to prepare myself for not being with her! But he said since Im a control freak, etc, he wanted to plan everything himself. =) He even told me he printed out a sheet with information for our parents. He really put a lot of thought into our weekend which was the sweetest thing ever. I had been telling him for a few months now that I am ready for a weekend trip with just him and that I was "ready' to leave Adalyn over night. I never thought he would actually plan it! sorry babe! We went to Mellow Mushroom Friday night and pigged OUT on the best pizza you will ever put in your mouth, then we went to Green Hills and walked around the mall then went to see Just Go With It which is by far one of the best movies we had ever seen! Went back to the hotel, hopped in the nice King size bed, and fell fast asleep until 10 the next morning. We actually both woke up at 6:45 from habit, but it didnt take us long to fall back asleep. Once we woke up, we went to the Gas station and bought pop tarts and choc. milk for breakfast. Got ready and headed to Bass Pro and Rivergate Mall for the day. Came back, layed in bed and watched TV for about 2 hours,(which was wonderful!) then headed to dinner and to walk around Opryland hotel. It was such a relaxing day. Sunday morning we got ready and headed home for Church. Mom had already left for Church so we were able to get dressed and head to Sunday School. Once church was over at 12, we basically RAN to the nursery to get Adalyn. As soon as we walked in, he precious "OHHH" face is what we saw. She came right to me with a book and started backing up to sit in my lap. Ahh, my baby was back in my arms! We had a great time and I am actually looking forward to taking more trips with just Adam! I found out its a must. =)
Thanks to the grandparents for taking care of our little girl.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know I know! Really late in blogging about this!

On Valentine's Day, Jerry and Nancy offered to watch Adalyn while Adam and I ate dinner and bought groceries.It is so much easier to buy groceries when you can actually spend time looking up and down the aisles and looking at other completely pointless things at Wal-Mart. Amazing how Valentine Day dates change over the years, huh?! =) Last year for V-day, Adalyn was just 3 months old. All 3 of us went to O'Charley's to eat and she mainly slept the whole time.

What a difference a year can make!

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